About Us

We at Lutima Professional Services of companies welcome everyone weather new or existing customers in way of offering you professional services at your private home, business place etc. We guaranty to send you perfectly security checked professional staffs at no extra cost to you, with a variety of superiority services. As we understand that, family time at home is precious to every individual.

Our team is blended with experienced professionals with enthusiastic and energetic ideas that has allowed us to achieve dynamic working criteria's that has push our efficiency higher as compared to our peers. We promise to make your homes and business offices looking sparking clean and more so refreshed.

As everyone knows we live in a city that, needs clean environments and with the industry pushing for skills, we are constantly improving our teams through extensive and rigorous training programmes to enable our workers develop themselves, empower their skills and updated with the latest developed technologies and cleaning products. Moreover, our teams of expect are willing to put in the best performance within the shortest period of time allocated to them.

We carry out a varieties of jobs in the industry as our staffs are trained to fit into any task which include to name but just few are; carpet cleaning, after event, graffiti removal, street cleaning, waste management, crime scene cleaning, Medical environment cleaning, Kitchen deep clean, General floor deep clean, Event litter picking, Window cleaning, Sports wash & Upholstery, House maids, Security and Part testing etc. This is what make us unique/ competitive as compared to our peers.

Our service are delivered base on value for money with on time service delivery, quality service delivery , competitive pricing facilities, discount facilities base on loyalty and referrers service flexibilities to fit into your schedule as customer all in the name of benefits to our customers choosing us as your service provider. This is all done through the highest orders from our staff members of management team, supervisors and cleaners.

The presence of our staffs into you home, offices etc is a privilege to us, we can assure you that, our staffs are always careful on what they do in client premises. But, should any item being damage in the process of cleaning, please notify us as soon as possible and made them aware before exiting your premises. We are insured and bonded, and we offer small gestures such as extra room or spot cleaning services. We provide personal supplies except otherwise stated not the case base on your contract preferences.

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Unit B2B Eurolink Business Centre
49 Effra Road
6 Eliot Road 
Temple Hill   
Tel - 02073468835
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