Rotary & Vacuum Cleaning

This are selections of vacuum cleaners, scrubber driers and rotary cleaners which are all equipments our trained professional staffs used on customers sites in maintaining a friendly environment as listed below.

Numatic Vacuum cleaner

Wet and dry Vacuum cleaner ranges from Vax, Karcher and Numatic professional providers

Rotary floor cleaner

Numatic and Karcher Scrubber dryer

As you know slips and trips are the most common incidents within customers environment during and after cleaning, to minimise this we deployed the flowing signs and portable equipment’s to go with our staffs while on duty within your premise to ensure both site staffs and customers are aware of what is happening. Below are few of this measures.

Wet floor safety sign

Caution sign

No entry sign

Handi-Gards Safety Barriers

Janitorial Trolley

Rubbermaid Cleaning Trolley

Red and Blue containers

Waste sack bin

Candy carrier set