Waste Management

As you know this are few of the examples of waste management equipment’s and tasks that we offer as part of our bundle services. This could not be the most glamorous of task, with us doing it right can save time, money and energy. We will advise that, you contact our customer service for a generous advice.

To measure but few, please see examples of our bins on request below.

A bin with roll top, swing and pedal.

Recycling bins suitable for offices, kitchen, bar and restaurants used for paper, cards, cans and bottles

Jantex waste bags suitable for swing bins in kitchen areas.

Large capacity cigarette bins suitable for commercial use.

We are also capable of managing wastes which involved all activities and actions required to manage it from its inception to its final disposal. This are tasks which include things like collection, transport, treatment and disposal together with monitoring and regulation etc.

There are eight major group of waste management, but we advised that you contact our friendly customer service team for your preferences.

Below is an example of the vehicles and processes that we use in servicing our customers.